This morning, I did virtual church with my sister and her family. While I typically prefer gathering with others for church services, there were some moments today that made me smile inside. Looking back, I wouldn’t have had those moment an in-person service by myself.

During virtual church, the two little girls sat on the couch with their dolls and books, and my brother-in-law, sister and I drank our coffee. And then, magic happened – strong harmonies. 

My sister and I both have the range of a soprano II, but she has one of the strongest alto voices I know. She’s never been one to want center stage, and you can hear that by how her voice blends with voices around her. She’s trained her voice to confidently blend. 

Today, I got to experience that voice and the harmonies she bring to songs. And I couldn’t help but smile inside.

6 thoughts on “Harmony

  1. Virtual church is helping lots of churchgoers. Music is such an important part of church, so its special to have your sister’s voice lifting spirits.


  2. Oh so fun to sing together. I use to not sing in church so I could listen to my Mother and her sister sing. They use to sing duets for church but it was most fun standing between them during services and listen to them blending together. Thanks for triggering this memory.


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